About us

Ailon is a real estate investment, development and asset management company. We have operations in the Nordic region, UK and Germany with offices in Stockholm, London and Berlin.
Focusing on the alternative residential, residential and flexible office segments, our operations are divided into four independent property companies/platforms.
Micro-living rental apartments in the Nordics and Germany
Flexible and co-working office space in the UK
Social infrastructure real estate in the Nordics
Multi-family housing in Germany

What we do

Our development and asset management platform designs, builds, operates and owns international grade student and micro-living communities. Our properties are rented to students, young professionals, co-livers and co-workers. We create integrated ecosystems centered around micro-living - with multi-segments, flexible spaces and social functions under one roof.

Ailon also develops, owns and manages co-working office space and social infrastructure real estate and acquires existing, sub-performing residential real estate, which present opportunities for a change through active management.

Our platforms are owned together with capital partners, consisting primarily of leading pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and financial institutions. Present and recent developments and investments include 6,000 apartments and commercial units. 
We add maximum value to each project through strategic planning, intelligent design, and quality construction. We constantly explore new ways to reduce environmental footprint in all parts of our operations and we set high standards for our suppliers and contractors.

We have a long-term approach to ownership and our commitments. Through specialized investment strategies and a fully integrated asset and development management team, Ailon offers its stakeholders an attractive, risk-adjusted return on invested equity.

Who we are

The principals of Ailon have worked together for over 15 years with a market leading track-record. They have deployed around €10bn of capital through several real estate cycles and in multiple jurisdictions.

The principals have background from leading international companies such as Credit Suisse First Boston, Babcock & Brown Real Estate and BNP Paribas.
Ailon's team consists of experienced property and investment specialists with broad set of skills from private equity, property development, construction management, asset management and finance. This allows us to retain control of the entire investment process.


We are committed to the highest standard of corporate governance in our decision-making processes and day-to-day business running by creating a resilient and sustainable business in which our stakeholders can have confidence and trust.

Ailon operates as an owner with long-term perspective and takes into account environmental, social and governance issues when making business and investment decisions.

Integrated Development &
Asset Management Platform


Market knowledge and proprietary deal-flow
Specialized platforms
Focused investment strategies create distinguished industry and sector insight
Opportunities identified through global perspective and local networks
Research control
Research anchored investment strategy – research plays a fundamental role in shaping investment strategies


Care, feasibility and accountability

Rigorous due diligence is conducted to validate screening criteria
Business plans focused on real estate fundamentals
Risk control
Strong emphasis on downside protection

Implementation & Management

Discipline, knowhow and adaptability

Alignment of interest
Investing our own capital alongside capital partners
Develop every project/investment with its own carefully planned business plan
Feet on the ground
Our team remains fully-integrated every step from inception to completion: acquisition, financing, pre-construction planning, budget development, contract procurement, construction, leasing, marketing, sales, asset management and exit
Proven track-record
Principals have extensive experience and track-record from investments in the target markets