Our story

We build scalable and flexible investment platforms based on thesis-driven strategies in partnership with our investors. Ailon has a strong focus on delivering attractive risk adjusted returns and aligning our interests with those of our investment partners. We have a long-term approach to ownership and our commitments.

We are Urbanists

We are creators, shapers, makers and deliverers of new buildings and places that people want to live and work in.

Over the last 20 years Ailon has led investment into new property sectors in post industrial regeneration city areas. We have laid the foundations for new communities to grow and establish their place in the city.

We have delivered best in class student apartments, micro-living, senior living, co-living and high quality multi-family housing and office buildings in city cores and in new and emerging neighborhoods.

We market, lease, manage and operate our properties in collaboration with leading specialist service providers. Our service is complete and is tailored to the needs of each project and investment.

Our teams are located in London, Stockholm and Copenhagen with a representative office in Berlin.

Towards the future – Ailon 2030

The world is changing fast and so do people’s priorities and expectations. Ailon commits itself to leading the response to these shifts to create the next generation of new, better places for people to live and work.

Delivering better returns is a key principle and we have always endeavoured to ‘do the right thing’ in our developments. This includes finding optimal ways of delivering and managing our projects, refurbishing and repurposing existing buildings where possible, using offsite modular construction for new developments and integrating energy saving systems and property technology applications into our property management operations.

We follow the UN Agenda 2030 and set ourselves the highest standards by placing sustainability at the centre of the design, development and operation of our schemes. Before it had its present name, we have been promoting the circular economy through our regeneration efforts and we will continue to do so.

All of our projects are designed, constructed or refurbished to a certified sustainability standard. We will make efforts to make substantial progress towards zero carbon both in terms of construction and operations.

Investment Themes

We invest in existing, underperforming assets, which present opportunities for a change through rigorous asset management. Our asset strategies are focused on repositioning, modernization and change of use. We also design and develop new properties.

Nordic Residential & Senior Living

Development of sustainable, next generation housing with focus on rental apartments. The strategy also includes tenant owned apartments and senior living. We create modern living communities with joint social and communal areas. Geographical focus on growth regions in Sweden and Denmark.

Many Nordic growth regions have a chronic undersupply of rental apartments. Young people, meanwhile, move to urban centres for work and study. Strong urbanization trends, shrinking household size and growth in housing prices for owned residential stock continue to drive demand for rental residential accommodation. The demographic development is expected to fuel a substantial expansion of the residential sector in the coming years.

Demand in the Senior Living sector in the Nordics is driven by strong macro trends – generational change, increased service life, urbanization and housing shortage. There is a significant growth in ageing population and political unity to grow the provision of social infrastructure. The number of nursing beds in the Nordic region is expected to increase dramatically in the next 30 years and the sector is facing strong growth.

UK Residential

The strategy is a mixture between the upgrade of existing, residential stock with value enhancement potential, and newly developed BtR. Strong focus on ESG. Target geographies are the Greater London area and commuter belt, coupled with strategic, regional cities.

The UK’s residential market is underpinned by attractive sector dynamics, including strong underlying market fundamentals, generational preferences, supportive government policy and defensive investment qualities.

The UK housing crisis has been perpetuated due to the persistent undersupply of housing over many years coupled with increasing demand, generated by rising life expectancy, population growth and a growing number of single person households. This has created a chronic shortage of affordable homes in the places that need them most.

UK Office

Development of next generation office properties, targeting occupiers seeking to acquire a new working environment that meets the demands of their staff and clients in the post Covid world. We develop new and higher quality workspace that meets investors and tenants ESG targets. Geographical focus on the Greater London region.

Ailon acquires under-managed and economically tired properties underpinned by good fundamentals. We also develop new office buildings. We focus on emerging neighborhoods and well-connected submarkets around traditional core CBD locations. These submarkets are currently undergoing urban regeneration many with new or extended public transportation and increased density with a mix of homes, workplaces, parks and services. We believe that these neighborhoods in which people can both live and work are the future.

As tenant’s requirements evolve, we believe the demand in our target submarkets will continue to grow, which will provide better returns and relatively higher rental growth over the medium to long term compared to core CBD locations.