Our story

Through independent investment platforms we manage capital for pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions and family offices. We build scalable platforms based on thesis-driven strategies. We have a long-term approach to ownership and our commitments. Our investment strategies have a strong sustainability focus.

Our team operates across offices in London, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

We invest in existing, underperforming assets, which present opportunities for a change through rigorous asset management. Our asset strategies are focused on repositioning, targeted modernisation and enhancement opex and capex programmes.

We also design and develop new properties. We have historically led investment into new property sectors in post-industrial regeneration city areas. We have laid the foundations for new communities to grow and establish their place in the city.

We have delivered best in class multi-family housing, student apartments, micro-living, senior living, serviced apartments, co-living and offices in city cores and in new and emerging neighbourhoods.

Our investment approach, coupled with our depth of expertise, enables us to deliver outstanding investment performance across sectors, regions and market cycles.

Our Team

Our vertically integrated team consists of highly experienced property and investment specialists with a broad set of skills from private equity, investment management, asset management, property development and finance.

This allows us to directly manage the entire investment process, every step of the way from inception to completion: origination, acquisition, financing, repositioning, refurbishment, development, asset management, leasing, marketing, sales and exit. Our service is complete and is tailored to the needs of each investment and asset plan.

The founding partners of Ailon have worked together for over 20 years and have backgrounds from leading international companies such Babcock & Brown Real Estate, Credit Suisse First Boston, BNP Paribas and Richard Ellis.

The team’s collective investment volume is over €10 bn across seven jurisdictions, with focus on the UK, the Nordic region and Germany.

Towards the future – Ailon 2030

The world is changing fast and so do people’s priorities and expectations. Ailon commits itself to leading the response to these shifts to create the next generation of new, better places for people to live and work.

Delivering better returns is a key principle and we have always endeavoured to ‘do the right thing’ in our investments and developments. This includes finding optimal ways of delivering and managing our projects, refurbishing and repurposing existing buildings where possible, using offsite modular construction for new developments and integrating energy saving systems and property technology applications into our property management operations. Before it had its present name, we have been promoting the circular economy through our regeneration efforts and we will continue to do so.

We continue to accelerate our ESG initiatives and lead the way towards a carbon neutral real estate sector. We set ourselves the highest standards by placing sustainability at the centre of our operations.

Our asset plans are designed to make the buildings more energy efficient and less carbon intense over its life cycle. We promote sustainable patterns in both consumption and production/modernisation, reduction of energy requirements and greenhouse gas emissions, to the benefit of our tenants, investors and communities.

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