We are committed to the highest standard of corporate governance and have created a resilient and sustainable business in which our stakeholders can have confidence and trust.

Ailon operates as an owner with a long-term perspective taking into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities when making business decisions and when managing the company’s resources. We make high demands for good ethics and business integrity from our suppliers, consultants and contractors. We certify all our properties and continue to develop some of the greenest buildings in our target markets.

ESG plays a pivotal role in our investment and asset management strategies, taking into account the nature of the properties, profile of investments and markets targeted.

Each project/property has a strategic plan formulated with clear sustainability targets and identified sustainability risks. Our sustainability work is broken down into the following areas; Energy & Climate, Ecosystems & Water, Climate Adaption, Materials, Hazardous Substances & Waste, Health & Wellbeing and Equal Conditions & Participation.