ESG plays a pivotal role in our core values and investment strategies. Projects and operational platforms that follow ESG best practice will perform better in terms of equity investment returns, access to bank financing and capital market transaction performance.

Ailon operates as an owner with a long-term perspective taking into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibilities when making business decisions and when managing the company’s resources. We make high demands for good ethics and business integrity from our suppliers, consultants and contractors.

We certify all our properties and continue to develop some of the greenest buildings in our target markets.

Each project/property has a strategic plan formulated with clear sustainability targets and identified sustainability risks. Our sustainability work is broken down into the following areas; Energy & Climate, Ecosystems & Water, Climate Adaption, Materials, Hazardous Substances & Waste, Health & Wellbeing and Equal Conditions & Participation.

We are committed to the highest standard of corporate governance and have created a resilient and sustainable business in which our stakeholders can have confidence and trust.

UN 17 goals for sustainable development

The UN sustainable development goals specify global societal challenges that we must collectively solve and represent. We follow the UN Agenda 2030 and set ourselves the highest standards by placing sustainability at the centre of the design, development and operation of our schemes.

The following development goals are considered to be relevant to Ailon:
Good health and webb-being
We promote healthy living in projects and include gyms, gardens, community groups and healthy food offering for all, at all ages where possible.

This is supported by our main contractors, supply chains and FM partner.
Gender Equality
We create inclusive communities and promote gender equality in the residences and staff.

This is supported by our main contractors, supply chains and FM partner.
Clean water and sanitation
We support local organizations, for example ElectriCITY in Hammarby (Stockholm), and its principle of improving the local water environment.

We always pay close attention to site remediation and include water saving measures where possible and appropriate.
Affordable and clean energy
Our projects are designed to provide affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. Initiatives include improved insulation, air and ground source heat and low energy appliances.

This reduces operational costs and lowers the portfolio carbon footprint.
Decent work and economic growth
The projects promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all employees.

This is included in our preferred contractors statements and is applied to their workforce and supply chains.
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Our projects promote innovation in the construction process. We use modern methods to refurbish historic building and allow it to meet present regulations.

Our developments use innovative modular building techniques that set new standards in Scandinavia.
Sustainable cities and communities
Ailon supports the aim to make cities safe, inclusive, resilient and sustainable.

Our schemes provide high quality, affordable housing options based on the principles of a welcoming community for students and younger workers, which is a social good. Our projects are leading regeneration and investment into new areas and help to promote economic growth.
Responsible consumption and production
Our main contractors and supply chains adhere to this principle to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Our redevelopments repurpose original buildings to recycle materials and cut waste. Our developments use modular construction to make best use of materials. We promote responsible consumption by residents during operations.
Climate action
Our projects support action on climate change by including energy efficiency into the design and construction. They are demonstrating this through certification.

We promote energy saving behavior in the residences including lowering the environmental footprint and recycling.
Life on land
Our projects promote and restore ecosystems. Some of our projects are brownfield in post industrial areas. The projects introduce new planting in gardens, terraces and indoors to provide a healthier environment for residents and the wider community.
Peace, justice and strong institutions
A core principle of Ailon is to promote a peaceful and inclusive community that incorporates sustainable living.

Our schemes are open to all and promote equality, inclusivity and tolerance. Our community managers are key to achieving this.
Partnerships for the goals
We seek to promote these goals and aims to our residents.

It will encourage behavior that the residents can take use throughout their lives.