Tretårnet - Helsingör, Denmark

Senior Living

Tretårnet is a conversion of an old hospital into rental apartments and pre-let senior living (15-year agreement) in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Senior living is an emerging asset class in Denmark with demand spurred by strong demographic trends.

Denmark benefits from supportive fundamentals with an ageing population and limited supply of appropriate housing.

The development is located in Helsingör, north of Greater Copenhagen, closely linked with Copenhagen and the rest of the region through an extensive road grid and public transport network.

As the fourth-largest city on Zealand, Helsingør enjoys a growing and affluent population, a vibrant and historical city centre, a green natural setting as well as several on-going and planned public and private investments.

The project has a strong sustainability profile. The building will be completely remodelled with DGNB Gold Certification.

There is considerable opportunity for growth and innovation in the Danish senior living segment.